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Video how to - Photoshop CS6 Character Styles

Blaz Robar
January 24, 2013

Video how to – Photoshop CS6 Character Styles

In this video ‘how to – Photoshop CS6 Character Styles’ I’ll show you how to save time by using the new feature in Photoshop CS6 called ‘Character Styles’. This awesome toolbar palette allows you to define a bunch of styles for all your fonts, headings, and anything type based.

Quickly and easily changing the colour of all your headings in 1 go using the Character Stylers toolbar in Photoshop.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and hope this saves you heaps of time!

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  • hi blaz.. really helpful, this is really awsm:) you’re right these tips save a lot of time.. looking forward to more these kinds awsm of videos, wish you good luck :)

  • I have to, to apologize to PHOTOSHOP.
    Nice site!

  • RensjeMensje

    Really nice tutorial man! i’ve only got one question: when u make a new body copy at 2:32 the text automatically springs to the heading text (like it’s moving up to the title like the text above). Is this photoshop is you did this yourself?

    Sorry for my bad english :P

  • Ugh

    Why don’t you use paragraph style properly for your paragraph like body copy and character styles inside the body copy … just as InDesign does it.