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Free Minimal Website Design PSD

Blaz Robar
March 30, 2012

Today’s REALLY cool free web design PSD template is called Create – a free Minimal Website Design PSD. It’s based on the Pump Web Design I have done earlier.  It’s a simple website theme that comes with a couple of page layouts and templates. A Minimal and classy, this one’s sure to be a winner! Download and enjoy! Oh and usual let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • A_happy

    you are master of his craft :)

  • Great job!
    What font did u use in logo?

  • hello greetings Blaz … thanks for teaching other friend I write from Venezuela … and I’m just learning web design .. found your blog through a friend who I recommended it … Blaz that you can according to your time to teach through video tutorial to create this type of site step by step … since I am a beginner in web design … since I am a beginner in web design … or if you have any video course which teach the techniques necessary to implement used in photoshop … thanks …. and I am truly create professional sites for my accounts …. I leave my mail

  • web design

    Excellent post.Very inspirational minimal web designs.A minimalistic website design focuses on the message and implies the usage of text and space at their maximum.Thanks for sharing it.

  • Might create this into a wordpress theme and release it for free. presume this is ok keeping credit to yourself for the design in the footer for example?

    • Hey Jason yeh that’s cool. Email me the link when your done so I can promote it!

    • Yeh mat that’s cool – send over the link when it’s done and I can promote it!

  • walter

    hello my name is walter Blaz I congratulate you on your design … Blaz I write is to know if you have any video course which teaches you step by step how to create a design like this … or some video course you know that I can recommend on how to create such web sites …. thanks …

  • Mhd

    great Designs ………..thank you for this inspiring website

  • uzair

    How to download it’s psd..??

  • meena

    thank you so much for lovely and soooooooo creative psds

    • not a problem and thanks for the feedback!:D

  • john

    not able to download any PSD…can any help ?

  • jason
  • 哈哈,猜猜我哪里人


  • andrea kazlauskas

    A sincere thank you for sharing your work, really inspiring.

  • Sergey Guryanov

    Many thanks for your help.