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Free PSD Webdesign - Travler

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Today’s free PSDs is called ‘Travler’. It’s a free Web design PSD based loosely around a mock online web app that helps with all your travel needs. Now this one took me a while so please share the social love and download to you can’t download no more! Also comment and let me know what you think.

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Flux – Minimal Blog Design PSD Template

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Today’s awesome free psd template is – Flux – Minimal Blog Design PSD Template. I had put this design together late last year and recently came across it again, and thought it would be a wonderful addition to BlazRobar.com. Love when that happens!

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2012: A Round up of most popular free PSDs from BlazRobar.com

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This past year 2012 has been a very big leap for BlazRobar.com. We’ve given away over 50 new free PSDs

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    Let me know what you think! Comment here

  • Burak

    I do follow your work. I think you should share your works on behance.com These amazing must be shared on behance it’s just my idea. Just think about it. Anyway great work. Keep the going.

  • bronsonquick

    I looovveee the colour scheme in this one Blaz! Great work :)

    • http://www.blazrobar.com/ Blaz Robar

      hahah thought you might ;D

  • Igor Aleksic

    Blaz your skills are killing it! Congratulations for this awesome work!

    Subscribed & following really cant say anything much right now, simply wow :)

    Although i must say that main menu may look better if you got rid of the square white background and just left it with icons and text. Little hover effect in the later stage would make it awesome too.

    As for everything else perfect! :)

    • http://www.blazrobar.com/ Blaz Robar

      Thanks Igor!! Yes I tend to agree – the main menu is very heavy compared to the rest of the design! Room to grow I guess! Thanks again mate.

  • Peter

    Dude i really admire your work! awesome! one small point though: Anywhere, anytime where here to help. Shouldn’t it be we’re instead of where?… just sayin… still great design!!!

    • http://www.blazrobar.com/ Blaz Robar

      Thanks Peter! Yeh you’re right! Bad grammer on my part. Fill in the contact form so I get your email and I’ll send you some free stuff! I’ve been doing that lately to say thanks (and good attention to detail) because my spelling is so bad!

  • Md. Asif Sultan Razu

    Thanks….it’s great !

  • Salah

    thank you

  • Shirley

    That’s amazing! Congrats! :D

  • Antii Guriting


  • http://sychedelix.com sychedelix

    Thanks for the design. This inspired me to create http://www.lalad.net