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Free website psd template

Blaz Robar
December 27, 2011

Today’s awesome give away is yet another great looking Free website psd template! ‘Paper’ is a clean and simple blog type layout that can house all your words and images nicely! Very sexy indeed don’t you think?!?! Download  the free layered PSD template and enjoy!

View the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Video here

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  • Anonymous

    Let me know what you all think!

    • Popompopom

      I do not usually leave comments but for once … a big “bravo” !
      Thank you for sharing with us this video production. I also love music in video.

  • DeveRz Network


    That’s all I have to say, once again (again) nice work.

    *proceeds to download*

  • very nice .. I really like it.

  • Alejo Sketch

    U make it look so easyyy LOL, amazing :)

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  • Osama

    incredible share. hats off to you brother! Thanks!

    • Osama

      I just can’t thank enough! Great work and a lion’s heart for sharing it all! God bless!

      • Thanks mate! Really glad you like it ;D

  • Ivansrios

    Everything is just perfect! Congrats mate, you rock!

  • Bijjuvinay

    Nice Work My Friend.You has to convert it in to word press or HTML thanks for free download

  • Heavens to you, I do declare.

    Amazing work and as said at the comments before: can’t thank you enough.

  • hmarka

    Thanks mate! I really appreciate the work. btw what’s the song?

  • Started to learn web-programming recently, and decided to write a blog. Found this template. Man, it’s just amazing! It’s clean, it’s simple and it looks very cool. Thank you, you’ve done really great job.
    I have just one question: say, I decided that I don’t want audio player on my web-page, but I want addiional link to my e-mail, right behind the image of RSS. Is it OK if i take your template and make my web-site with these two small corrections? And if we’re talking not about you, maybe about another designer’s template – how can they react to this?
    Maybe it’s silly question :) – but I just started to learn, and I don’t know what I can and what I can’t do with templates.

  • I really like the video showing the creative process of design work. Thanks for the psd – I appreciate it. And thanks for all the time you put into designing… and sharing :)

  • Rahim Hankin

    You are very skilled. Interesting to watch. Thank you.
    How do you make the PSD into a wordpress theme?