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Infusion – Free website template

Grind your eyes over this very modern and stylish  home page PSD template. This free PSD website template comes with a bunch of different layouts on the home page to house all your awesome content.

With focus on large images and text content you’ll be able to customise the templates with all your fabulous content no doubt. Fonts used

This Free website template would work well as a personal WordPress or HTML theme. With it’s full width image banners and lovely laid out content areas you could easily customise this Photoshop template to suit your needs!

Make PSD’s not war.

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  • Apax

    You’re awesome. Big thanks from Sweden!! :D

  • It’s great. I keep forgetting about this bad boy!

  • Tarei

    Yo Blaz, love this theme – just working it into a WordPress theme when I get time ~ any chance of an internal + styles page mockup? #asksAllTheThings!

    • Hey mate – Yeh I think there was a internal page I did do I’ll dig it up – email me here Are you planning on selling or giving away for free? I’d prefer you gave it away for free – back to the community!

      • Tarei

        Hi Blaz, most definitely going to give the resulting theme away – I’ll let you know, its still a ways off and definitely drop credit in there :)

  • Moin

    OWW!! Nice Design – i’ll convert it into HTML & WordPress Theme — And i’ll Definitely show … Great Work ………….

  • Really nice design. I am gonna try it in my wordpress.