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Pump - A free website psd template

Blaz Robar
December 20, 2011

Pump free PSD Template

Today’s massive give away is another free website psd template! Introducing ‘Pump’ a product based website design and layout, that could be used to sell your sexy new product. The design uses large image space and simple content areas to present your products in the best possible way! Download and enjoy! You can download the shoe image here.

Pump – A free website psd template

Free PSD website home page to sink your designer teeth into!

Pump – A free website psd template

Scrolling content and tabbed layouts. Download Pump free website PSD template.

Pump – A free website psd template

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  • DeveRz Network

    I am inclined to agree, I think this is probably the best thing I’ve seen from you, although I really did like your “Wordy” one a lot too.

    Either way, once again nice work pal.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks mate! I think this could be a new style for me (minimal clean look) to explore in 2012! More on the way thats for sure!

      • DeveRz Network

        No problem, I look forward to seeing what 2012 brings us now.
        Happy Holidays.

        • Anonymous

          You too mate, and thanks again for the support!

  • hey your layouts are pretty sweet, and professional looking, but creative at the same time.

  • M Bowie

    Awesome designs!!… For some reason I can’t download this file. Managed to DL the orange website through your dropbox link.

    PEACE!. Also subscribed!

    • Hi mate, whats download issue your having? Here’s the direct link!

      • M Bowie

        I’d click the link below the preview image. And for some odd reason, i wasn’t able to download.

        Thanks for the link.

        Really awesome work!!…should win a Graphic Design Emmy!

  • Siergio Mike

    hey if i wanted to could i stream music using this layot? and this may be a dumb question but could i also add my own background ?

  • Matheus


  • This is amazing exactly what i was looking for!! I just wish I knew how to apply it to make it my website theme

  • I love the color usage on this one.

  • disqus_UaneKWXBGu

    Love all you’ve shared, man :*)
    Thanks a bundle, and wish you best!

  • Md. Asif Sultan Razu

    Thanks a lot ! it’s great !

  • arnold cogasi

    how can i download it guys.. can give me a tips

    • Mridul Borah

      Sign in to the website and u can download. Simple :)

  • surbhi

    This is amazing and wonderful color usage on this one


    Hey Blaz, great template… AWESOME actually…

    I do have a question for you. When dragging the browser window up anywhere between 1020px & 1280px wide, the banner.png shoots down about 350 pixels and doesn’t go back up into it’s spot until the window is at or above 1280px wide.

    Would you happen to know the reason for this and how to fix it?

    Thanks much, sir!