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'Take' a free mobile app landing page PSD template

Blaz Robar
January 31, 2016
‘Take’ a free mobile app landing page PSD template

‘Take’ Free PSD

‘Take’ a free mobile app landing page PSD template is a free one pager designed to Twitter’s bootstrap grid. Take is a fictitious mobile app designed for taking amazing photos and photo effects.


‘Take’ a free mobile app landing page PSD template

Boostrap PSD grid

‘Take’ a free mobile app landing page PSD template is designed on a 12 column Bootstrap grid so makes for super easy PSD to HTML conversion for all you front end developers out there.

‘Take’ a free mobile app landing page PSD template


All images used within the free PSD template are from, iPhone mockup from Font used through the Photoshop template is Open Sans from google fonts.

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  • I feel a PSD to HTML video for this PSD template coming on…wink wink!

    • xperter

      Are you doing HTML version of this PSD ?

      • Going to try to yes! :D

        • xperter

          Good Good ;) We are waiting then ;) . If you cant we will do then :P

    • Seth

      A video tutorial of this PSD to HTML would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to this! Keep up the great work

      • Thanks Seth, not too far off finishing it now!

    • Chris Diehl

      I got you covered:

      You can see a working version of this PSD at:
      Still in progress, finishing up a final version as we speak. The hardest part is making the block grid…functional. It isn’t very intuitive. I guess this is where a designer’s imagination meets a developer’s criticism ha!

      I sought to make each section editable by the end-user via the WordPress Editor through a combination of page loops and widgets.


  • Allie Kingsley

    Too brilliant. Do you allow html to wordpress ?

    • Hey Allie, if you give away for free then yes :D

      • Mike

        I can provide you your PSD to WordPress version for free. Hope you will allow me to place my blog link on that :D
        Thank you.

  • Sander Schaeffer

    I’m just looking for the great mockup =D

  • Dhyey Dattani

    Waiting for a video tutorial for psd to html and especially for this template. Arrived or not.
    Meanwhile I have partly developed the site and started uploading my stuff please provide some compliments or say suggestions regarding that site how it is and also give some corrections to my mistakes. Thanks..
    Here is the link :

  • Tiphaine

    Thank you for your template :) I’ll use it for exercices in a french MOOC.

  • Ava

    Bonjour, j’ai découvert ce site grace à OpenClassRoom, merci pour le partage sur le cours de maquettes. Et super sympa comme site, je suis abonnée à la newsletter, je pense que vous allez être d’une grande aide, dans mon futur Job ;-)


    Hey Guys, I made HTML of the layout. Any suggestions?

  • Beau Theme
  • Gediminas Baciulis

    I enjoyed coding another of your design Blaz. HTML here:

  • Mayur Vishroliya

    Awesome and very fine mockups
    for premium mockups visit

  • Lysdora H

    Thank you for your template :)

  • sifat raju

    hey if any one need psd to html conversion then you can visit here

  • boubee

    Hello, is it possible to undo the clipping mask in the file because i use GIMP. I can open it but it is broken and does not have all its features (i read that the issue could be solved undoing the clipping mask). thank you. (sorry for my bad english..)

  • NoobActu

    Merci pour votre template :) Je vais l’utiliser pour des exercices dans un MOOC français.