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Video: Responsive Web Design In Photoshop - A Mindset Not Just Technique

Blaz Robar
November 30, 2013

Responsive Web Design In Photoshop

In this video I try and showcase how to design in Photoshop with a responsive mindset and grid at your disposal. Designing in Photoshop for web, using a responsive grid should not limit your creativity but increase it. You now are designing 1 website to work and collapse down to multiple device screen sizes and be more dynamic and fluid in nature.

Responsive Frameworks

Check out some of the html responsive frameworks online that can help you when creating your own responsive PSD files and templates.

Responsive PSD files

Checkout some responsive PSD files on, these will try and help get your head around how to design with responsive in mind.

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  • Lucas

    Wow great tutorial Blaz. Next will come the the html conversion ? Thank you !

    • Thanks Lucas! I might get someone else (more qualified than me) to do a PSD to HTML conversion video!

      If this is something anyone else would like please comment or let me know!

      • Peter

        ok sir….can you show us….psd to html sir…thank you

  • Kingi Gilbert

    Good stuff mate!

  • Svetozar

    Awesome tutorial thanks a lot ! It would be great if you can upload PSD to HTML conversion video! That would be awesome too. Thanks !

  • julie maguire

    this is awesome! thank you :)

  • Hey, thanks! This is a wonderful tutorial, saving it for future reference as well!

  • Thomas_Kiser

    seems like this site is now dead :( dropbox dropped ya on all downloads I tried today ;(

    • All fixed now – we had to move the file storage from Dropbox to Amazon S3.

  • James

    Blaz, Extremely inspiring video! I’ve been searching for quite some time for a tutorial on making a responsive website from scratch.

    Any pointers on making a responsive vCard webpage? I’ve been racking my brain!


  • Jon Stewart

    Hi Blaz, I understand how to set up the width of the elements because of the column grid you use, but how do you determine the height of an element? The height seems to be consistent in your design, but I dont understand the logic behind. Can you explain? That would be awesome!

  • Stevensen Liu