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3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs

Blaz Robar
February 8, 2016
3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs
3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs

Craft by Invision Labs

Late last week we saw the experimental Invision Labs release their first string of products / tools to the wider design community. They rolled out with their first range of helper plugins for both Sketch App and Photoshop – a huge undertaking if you ask me!

Both these suite of plugins look simply amazing and will no doubt help every UI & interface designer on their daily design grind. Here’s my two cents about the Photoshop versions!


The type plugin in the suite is a little gem, letting you quickly and easily insert pre-defined text snippets into your text areas. Great for inserting user names, page or news titles and even dates or phone numbers. The great thing I loved however was the ability to add your own custom text strings to the menu, meaning any repetitive copy/paste can be gone for good!

3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs
3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs

Easily swap out text with pre-defined text values like names, cities, phone numbers and custom user saved content.


Duplicate is a clever layout and element duplicator that removes the bore of manually copy & pasting the same design elements. This plugin works well for any design elements you need to duplicate over and over such as lists, news feeds, twitter fees and user comments, for example.

Duplicate helps you quickly and easily create designs with realistic volumes of content.

3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs
3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs

Type Photoshop plugin in action. Quickly and easily set your duplication number and axis, then set the margin between each duplicated element and you’re off!


Probably my favourite of the 3 plugins is Photo. It comes packed with some very clever features. Photo effortlessly places images into your layers palette and binds it to the below shape layer.  The plugin inserts the images from a variety of clever places such as a local folder, a public dropbox link or even a random image from VERY cool.

3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs
3 great new Photoshop plugins by Invision Labs

Photo makes it a breeze to swap in and out awesome looking place holder images from different types of locations.

Having played with the Photoshop versions of the suite only, I can imagine that the sketch versions are much faster and more responsive to tasks.

Knowing what a RAM hog Photoshop can be I wasn’t surprised when I had some performance issues. This was mainly due to the large artwork files and not the plugins.

Again another reason why i’m eager to try switching to Sketch…guess i’m just an old dog stuck in my ways. Anyways that’s another post for another day.

Love to hear what you think if you’ve had a chance to install these bad boys!

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  • JoelEade

    For some reason I can’t get these amazing looking extensions to work on my Photoshop (CC 2014 or 2015). I’ve logged a ticket so I’ll just have to wait.

    I’m still waiting to jump onto the Sketch bandwagon too. Looks great but I just stare at the blank art board and feel stupid for not knowing what to do.

    • @JoelEade:disqus Did you try the manual installation? I had to do that on one of my machines for some reason, but got them both running the extensions. Basically just copy the unzipped folders to the extension folder here /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

    • Sorry correct path is ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

      • JoelEade

        Thanks mate. InVision directed me to that directory, and I had the extensions there. I reported this to them but haven’t heard back.

        I had a folder named “cache” in the “CEP” directory, which I trashed and now I can see the extensions in CC2015. Woo! But then again, boo. I don’t use CC2015 as I get the spinning wheel of death after every mouse click (no exaggeration). Might have to force myself to use Sketch :)