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Great places to get free high quality stock photography

Blaz Robar
February 8, 2016
Free places to get free high quality stock photos

Places to get high quality free stock photography

Every good designer needs a great source of photography to use in their designs. Photography for me is a big part of my designs so having a place where I can download and use free high quality stock images is amazing!

There are plenty of paid stock websites and services which are all great but if you after something a little more niche and totally free check out these below totally free stock photo websites!


Unsplash is a collection of user submitted, super hipster, high quality stock photos you can download for free. My favourite from the bunch I’m a regular (daily even) user of the website!

Pic Jumbo

Pic jumbo comes from a great designer and Photographer Viktor.  Viktor is  a webdesigner and offers his own photos in full quality (mostly 3888 px in wide) to you for free.

Death To Stock Photo

Death to stock photo is a collection of free high-res lifestyle photography sent to you monthly, to do whatever you please. For your blog, social channels, mockups or even to hang on your wall if you’re so inclined. No credit required…but always nice!


Made by Bells Design – Gratisography is a free high resolution photography website you can use on personal or commercial projects! A great new addition to the list!!

New Old Stock

This is probably my favorite of them all purely because it’s such a greta idea! New Old stock is exactly what the name suggestions, a collection of totally free “old” stock photos! Magic.

Public Domain

A great collection of public domain free stock photography from a bunch of sites you probably already use! Great collection tho if you only want to visit one place!

Startup Stock

A great collection of public domain free stock photography from a bunch of sites you probably already use! Great collection tho if you only want to visit one place!


A great collection of public domain free stock photography from a bunch of sites you probably already use! Great collection tho if you only want to visit one place!


A great collection of free to use stock images suggest by one of our readers below! Great work Igor!


A newly added addition to the list, Shutteroo showcases some great Aussie made Photos for free download! Go the Aussies!


Foodshot is a nice niche for free stock photos! If you’re in need of a great quality free food stock shot to use totally for free – make sure you check it out!

Free Images

Newly added to the list free has some nice image categories and images that are off the beaten track, which I quite like.

Please feel free to share some of the sites you run or use to add to the lists, in the comments below.

Last Updated: 15th February 2016

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  • If you have any more sites feel free to let me know!

    • Antonina Osipenko

      Hi, Blaz. – public dimain license and – can be sorted by cc license and other.

    • Hi Blaz, I’ve had my own running for a while – Would love to be included in your list.

      All Australian travel photos.

  • Robbie Knight
    • Awesome Robbie! Just added it then! Nice find!

  • Nice list dude!

    • Thanks mate! Great resource for all of us! Would love to keep adding more tho! You know of any?

  • Jamie
  • LikeIT


    Great one those that you’ve featured!

    Another 3 that should be added.

    SplitShire –
    HD Wallpapers –
    Public Domain Pictures –


  • Check out for thousands of free public domain photos. Appreciate it if you add it to the list.

  • thanks for the big source of high quality photos i will make sure to calculate them ion my list

  • Redbanaa
  • Great article Blaz!

    I recently started as a side project a few months ago. The site consists of completely free stock photos all taken and edited by me. It’s basically a collection of images from my travels around South East Asia and South America (soon). My aim for these photos is to help designers and creative alike. People can use these images for whatever purpose they please.

    I do not make any income from the website. I keep things very simple. I list the photo, its tags, the author, and the download link.

    I hope you and others will find it valuable. If you see it fit, I’d be very grateful if you could add it to this list. Cheers!

  • Bartek Wiśniewski
  • MarshallKohl

    One more decent image service to check – – more than 40k high quality categorized photos to make one’s website stylish and unique. If you want to save your time and money, I would recommend it.

  • Mary Christopherson

    This blog post saved my marriage.

  • Anna Camp

    Great list @BlazRobar:disqus

    I like

    Quick facts about Visual Hunt:

    1. More than 55 000 best free public domain photos (CC0).
    2. More than 354 mln Creative Commons photos (if you cannot find Public Domain photo).
    3. Search and filter CC0 photos by color. Color pallette for every photo.
    4. Photo popularity index. Shows how many websites use the photo (beta).
    5. Possibility to save favorite photos to lightbox (after signing up).
    6. Possibility to embed photos without downloading.

  • Hortex

    Another one Kaboompics has got almost 1300 free photos. Website is really simply and quick to use

  • Hi, thanks for this article. One more source i can recommend you is they serve many great photos in high Definition with good search function.

  • Hi there,

    Really helpful post.

    Please also check out for several thousand exceptional images, totally free for any purpose.

    We specialize in images for blogs or stories, notably business, technology, education, backgrounds and more. I appreciate if you could add us to your listing of web sites.



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