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Most Popular Free PSDs files of 2012

Blaz Robar
June 3, 2012

We’re nearly half way into 2012, and boy has it been a huge year already! We’ve re-designed with the new design you can currently see! We’ve got a great support and fan base that regularly contributors to the website, and active community! With heaps of new free PSDs being added weekly, things are going great! Stay tuned, there’s plenty of more great free PSDs on their way!

Most Popular Free PSDs templates & UI elements – Downloads of 2012

With so countless downloads I thought it would be a great idea to showcase the most Popular Free PSDs templates that are on offer on So without further adieu, above are the top 10 most popular Free PSDs templates of 2012.


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  • oren

    realy love your work, and thanks for sharing…

  • Antony

    Its not using your work by getting free stuffs, the main aspect is learn from it that’s what i do, thank you for your broad heart to giving away your talents.

  • Chris

    You, mate, are an absolute champion. I’m no stranger to photoshop but I work mainly on photographs and have been a little slow in learning how to put together an effective website. Your templates have been such an enormous help. I can’t thank you enough. Keep being awesome :)

    • Thanks Chris, so glad to hear kind words like that! Much appreciated!

  • adiffdesigner

    Great list – thanks for sharing.