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About the designer (Me!)

Blaz Robar
June 26, 2011

Hi! I’m Blaz Robar, a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. During business hours, you will find me at web design studio, Eleven Media; where we specialise in creating unique WordPress themes.

This website is dedicated to sharing my passion for graphic design to the world. From the very beginning of my graphic design career, I have benefited from hundreds of free graphic design resources, which have been generously shared by a thriving online design community. is a way for me to give back to this community, by sharing design tips and tricks that I have learnt throughout my 7 years of being a graphic designer.

All files on this website are free for you to use in anyway you see fit. I’m so relaxed with how you use the files that even Creative Commons is to strict! No attribution is required, you can even use it commercially; all I ask is that you don’t distribute the files on other websites without permission.

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  • Frank

    Thanx man! Love your work!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Frank! Always nice to hear people enjoying my stuff!!

  • Roban

    you’re awesome bro! really wish you make some video tutorial on how to make the web template, therefor i won’t just steal your stuff and begin to creating myself my own template.
    thanks much!

    • Anonymous

      Roban! Your a Genius! I was thinking about doing that but was not sure if the ‘people’ wanted it! I will definitely start doing videos over the holidays! Stay tuned very soon!!!

      Thanks again Roban, always love feeback!

  • Dan

    You’re missing an apostrophe with “Im”. And kerning needs a serious attention.

    • Dan’s Dad

      He should work on the kerning…. just after he finishes kerning all over your mum’s face!

  • Sarah

    Haters gonna hate. Your stuff is awesome, Blaz.

  • nO______oir

    Thanks for all the free ressources ! very helpful. Your work rocks. (and … hum…you are very good-looking…)