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Website Design Courses Coming Soon

Blaz Robar
October 7, 2015

I’d like to introduce a new range of website design courses i’ll be slowly releasing into the wild, this year and next. They’ll focus on website design within Photoshop, something I’d like to think I know a little about!

The courses will cover things like responsive design, layout generation, working with colour and working with the right type of images in your website designs.

Website Design Courses Coming Soon

Course 01 – what you’ll be designing

See what you’ll be crafting in our first website design course within Photoshop.

Website Design Courses Coming Soon

Coming Soon

The courses are currently in production so we hope to launch our first one before the end of October.

Each course will typically be a 8 – 10 part video series that you can watch on any device at your own pace. Each design course will come with downloadable PSD files and design assets.

Website Design Courses Coming Soon

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  • Want to know more? Ask away in the comments!

    • Randie Brandie

      Will these courses going to be free or payed?

      • Great question Randie! Most of the courses will be paid (between $19-$28) but there will be smaller free courses also as time goes on.

  • purer-des

    Thank you I am very eager to course

    I wish I could put it

  • Really looking forward to this course will there be any animated mockup lessons similar to what you see on dribble would be kool if there is :-)

    • Great idea Brad, I can look at doing some basic free videos for this! The ones on Dribbble are generally more advanced ones that come from After Effects but you can do some basic ones within Photoshop.

  • 5antom

    Blaz, thank you for this, its been a long time coming… you have no idea how pleased we are! Over and above the UI, could you help us with ‘photoshoping images’ for web?

    • Thanks mate. What do you need help with?

      • 5antom

        ‘Ssup Blaz, I would love help in different layout techniques, colour selection, typography, image selection and effects. Sorry if that was too long :). Once again thank you for your help. If you can, consider doing a Udemy course!

        • Udemy course has been on my radar for sure! Will try make some time to do one!

          • Harry Nguyen

            Hello Blaz, I know there are so many course on Udemy, but could you please guide me , some courses for beginning(newbie) with basic level to advanced.


  • trust

    What happen to this? Is the project still in works?