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Sneak Peek: Artboards in Photoshop CC

Blaz Robar
June 15, 2015

Photoshop 2015 Updated Features

With the introduction of multiple artworks and art boards in one document, you’ll be able to easily create multiple design composition within the one document, Adobe is also releasing a suite of updates across all its software. You can check out their Youtube Channel for more updates coming soon!

This will be interesting in regards to file size, I question if it will dramatically increase the size of your files or not? Regardless, I look forward to playing with the new features!

I’m super excited about a new feature coming out next week in Photoshop CC 2014. If you currently use Illustrator you’ll be familiar with the concept of art-boards and working with multiple documents within the one design. We’ll, now Photoshop is getting this cool little feature!

Sneak Peek: Artboards in Photoshop CC

The ability to easily duplicate art-boards looks pretty amazing, especially when you tie it in with using smart-objects and getting clever with structuring your Photoshop documents. I can see this being really great for things like mood boards, UI kits, and iOS and website design pages/screens.

So after watching the above video released by Adobe I know i’m super keen to give it a go! Let me know your thoughts below! Would love to hear what you think!

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