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I started out focusing on the inspiring mountain image then extending the web design out from that great visual. The Blue and yellow colour combination could easily be swapped out to your brands colour as show below.

A better look

Profile – A free website PSD file is a uniquely designed corporate website design. The PSD file comes fully layered as per usual so you can play with the files as you wish.

Profile – A free website psd file. Profile is a bright PSD website template that is unique & modern. It would suit ideally a corporate business or goal focused or uplifting type website concept.

Profile – A free website psd file


All images we’re download from They’re great sites and absolutely love using their free imagery in all my designs.

Designed By Blaz Robar.

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  • Hope you enjoy this one guys! Was great fun putting it together.

  • Guest

    wow.. great one … thank you for sharing

  • Bartek Wiśniewski

    didn’t you mean ?

  • Hi, I love this. Thanks for sharing. And I wanna know if I could use this to build a html page and put it on github?

    • Hey mate for sure, just as long as you give it away fro free. See here for more info

      We’ve got a HTML section on also coming soon so we can put it on there if you like also!

      • Glad to hear that. When I finished the html page, I will post the github link here. And If you guys got the HTML section online, I’ll definitely put it on there ;).

        • Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see this one in HTML action!

  • Hi, I finished the page. and the link is: . And I hope you like it.