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Licensing - Don't worry there's not much you cant do

So that said, download as much as your ISP will let you, steal, rip, take and use as much as you can from this site! And then maybe, just maybe, the love will come back.

Licensing & Legal Stuff

You Can

  • Use these files on commercial and personal projects without attributing me or this website
  • Turn these PSDs into themes to give away for FREE
  • Keep coming back to this website to chock up on all the assets here and then run like you stole it!
  • Share this website to your friends and be all like “Man dis is da SHIT!” — End Gangster Speak

You Can’t

  • Spread these files or give them away on your own blog without asking me first (I’ll say yes anyways!)
  • Turn these PSDs into themes to SELL
  • Wear the same underwear for more than 1 day at a time – that’s just wrong
  • Not wear pants while viewing this website, sorry guys, pants are a must on this one!

Why can’t I make these PSDs into Themes to sell?

You CAN turn these PSD themes into themes to give away, but just not to sell. We’re working with a select group of developers to do this internally to generate some small income to keep the site running.

If we make them into themes, and so do other people, we’ll flood the market with looking themes and nobody wins. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

What we suggest

I suggest you turn these PSD files into themes and give them away for free. This will build an audience to which you can sell paid themes to. Also, if you give them away for free let me know and we can promote the themes on to help! I know…we’re nice like that.
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