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5 day course to make you a better web designer in Photoshop

Web Design Email Courses

Become a better web designer in Photoshop

I’ve developed a 5 day course to help every digital designer or web designer improve their workflow in Photoshop, to produce amazing looking website designs.

I’ll cover everything from handy tips to remember within Photoshop itself, to creative concepts like how to use colour to your advantage and how to use great stock photography in your designs. Web Design Email Courses for all you awesome people.

Web Design Email Courses

An email a day

Each course is design to be mobile responsive, so this means you can start learning no matter what device you’re on. Each email comes out once a day from the time you sign up and is designed to look beautiful on mobiles, tablets and desktop devices.

After all, who doesn’t love looking at beautiful emails.

Web Design Email Courses

The course

Each daily email is focused on 1 topic per email so it’s super easy to follow. Every email comes with further reading or blog articles to help progress your web design skills in Photoshop.

Day 1: Embrace Photoshop Libraries

Learn why you should be using Photoshop libraries in your design workflow to increase speed and creativity.

Day 2: Photoshop Art boards for in depth interface design

Learn how to better lay out your web design and interface design projects using Photoshops new art boards.

Day 3: Start designing with beautiful images

I show you why and how I always start my designs with amazing images to kick off creativity. I’ll also show you where source images to start with.

Day 4: Using Google fonts in Photoshop

I show you how to explore Google’s font library and how to use the fonts within Photoshop to extend your font collection.

Day 5: Mastering Colour in Photoshop

Learn how I approach using colour in my designs and how to develop unique colour combinations and palettes to create creative web designs with colour.

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