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Designing the PSD Super Hero App Icon

Blaz Robar
March 19, 2012

Hey guys! You might of seen the new side project I’m currently working on! It’s called So I just designed the new logo/icon and thought I would recorded it for you all! Check it out below! And why yr here, join the newsletter for and we’ll let you know when we’re live!

Sorry about the crappy video

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  • Fabricenl

    I love your style of designing website template. Can you slow down your video tutorials online please………. Thank you

  • Livanze

    Hey Blaz, really lovely work, could you do more videos on PSD techniques, BGs or a training set we could buy from you! otherwise really impressive work!

    • Hi Livanze, I do plan on doing more detailed videos – should have the first one up in a few days!

  • Hey Guys, I’m planning on doing some more detailed video tutorials on web design and things I put up on this site – stay tuned!