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Web Mockup PSD Action

Blaz Robar
January 17, 2012

Today’s awesome and very neat freebie is a Photoshop action that will save you a lot of time! It’s a Photoshop action that takes your design (web design, logo design etc) and frames it in a niffty looking OSX style frame. If your anything like me and spend a lot of time designing websites, this action is ideal! Anyways here is out it works and looks!


Step 1 – Download & Install Action

Unzip the file download and double click the action. This will load the action into your actions palette within Photoshop.


Step 2 – Run the “Canvas” script

Run the “Create canvas” script – this will create a new high res document. Drag and position your design till your happy with the position.

Step 3 – Add your design!

Step 4 – Run the Mock up Script

Step 5 – Your done!

Close up

Hit me up and let me know how you use the action! Would be great to see some examples to add to this post!

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