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The New Google Fonts FTW

Blaz Robar
July 7, 2016
The New Google Fonts FTW

Google Fonts. A bloody good re-design

So it’s not super new news but fairly recently within the past month, Google has finally updated it’s much loved, and frequently used Google Fonts.

Now I’ve been a pretty big fan of the font service like many, for quit some time now. I’ve blogged about it many times, and in many of my video tutorials and free PSDs directed fellow designers to the site.

It’s my go-to site for free web fonts.

Even with the introduction of Adobe’s Typekit, I still always felt drawn back to Google’s font vault.

It’s come a long way

If you’ve been using Google fonts for a while like myself, you’ll probably remember the very first few times using it. At the time whilst still a wonderful service, lets face it – the fonts we’re shit.

Now yes admittedly, back then I was probably pretty chuffed with the fonts they had on offer for free. On reflection now my design tastes and abilities where still very green! So I was impressed easily.


With stand out shit fonts like Lobster (no offence to the author of the font), Google and it’s font designer community has really stepped up a level.

The huge amount of new sexy, classy and fun fonts now on offer still blows my mind, and still to this day feel sorry for my former self having to work with such limited amounts of free fonts. Sucks to be the younger version of myself.

My favourites?

Yeh you guessed it, I have some favourites! Check out my roundup of my A-team of google fonts!

10 Awesome Google Fonts to use in your web designs


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